Our laboratory has been proudly devoted to development of catalytic reaction process with low environmental load and effective use of biomass resources. We have focused on reaction analysis and catalyst design for various energy and material conversion process with solid catalyst. For detailed information about our research, please refer to the research introduction section from the link below.

Our laboratory is recuruiting new members. If you have an interest in our lab., please contact Assist. Prof. Shimada.

Apr 1, 2019Four new members joined our laboratory (Members)
Mar 13-15, 2019Mr. Matsumoto received a student award in the SCEJ 84th Annual Meeting (News & galleries)
Oct 29, 2018We attended the 55th Coal Science Conference (News & galleries)
Oct 16-18, 2018We attended JPIJS Meeting and the 48th Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium (News & galleries)
Sep 26, 2018We visited AIST (News & galleries)
Sep 25, 2018Dr. Shimada gave a presentation at AREC/Fii plaza (News & galleries)
Sep 20, 2018Our paper was selected as Editor's Choice (Publication)
Sep 18-20, 2018We attended the 50th Autumn Meeting of SCEJ (News & galleries)
Sep 1, 2018Our paper was selected as a cover picture (Publication)
Aug 8-9, 2018We attended the 27th Annual Meeting of JIE (News & galleries)
May 25-26, 2018We attended the Annual Meeting of SSPEJ (News & galleries)
Apr 19, 2018Member photo was updated (Members)
Apr 2, 2018Three new members joined our laboratory (Members)
Mar 24, 2018The graduation ceremony was held (News & galleries)
Mar 16, 2018Dr. Shimada gave a lecture at high scool (News & galleries)
Mar 13-15, 2018We attended the SCEJ 83rd Annual Meeting (News & galleries)
Mar 7, 2018Publications were added (J. Chem. Eng. Jpn. and Biomass Bioenergy) (Publication).
Jan 17-18, 2018We attended the 13th Biomass Science Conference (News & galleries)
Nov 21-24, 2017Visiting researcher from UAE (News & galleries).
Nov 16-17, 2017We attended the Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI (News & galleries).
Sep 20-22, 2017We attended the SCEJ 49th autumn meeting (News & galleries).
Aug 30-31, 2017We went on a summer trip to Oizumi and Takasaki, Gumma (News & galleries).
Aug 23-27, 2017We attended the APCChE 2017 (News & galleries)
Aug 3, 2017We visited Cosmo Oil Research & Development Center(News & galleries)
Aug 2, 2017Joint seminar with Otomo lab (News & galleries)
May 24, 2017We attended the 60th annual meeting of the JPI (News & galleries)
Apr 2-6, 2017We attended the 253rd ACS National Meeting and visited Chevron Richmond Refinery (News & galleries)
Apr 1, 2017Three new members joined our laboratory (Members)
Mar 24, 2017The graduation ceremony was held (News & galleries)
Mar 21-22, 2017We attended Textile Summit 2017(News & galleries)
Mar 6-8, 2017We attended the SCEJ 82nd annual meeting (News & galleries).
Dec 9, 2016A paper was published (Publication).
Nov 13-16, 2016We attended the ASCON IEEChE 2016 (News & galleries).
Oct 22, 2016We attended the Materials Science Innovation Symposium (News & galleries).
Sep 6-8, 2016We attended the SCEJ 48th autumn meeting (News & galleries).
Aug 31, 2016We went on a summer trip to Hokuto, Yamanashi (News & galleries).
Aug 21-25, 2016We attended the 252nd ACS National Meeting (News & galleries).
May 24, 2016We attended the 21st JPIJS Poster Session (News & galleries).
Apr 12, 2016Member photo was updated (Members).
Apr 8, 2016Our research paper was featured (News & galleries).
Apr 1, 2016Two new members joined our laboratory (Members).
Mar 24, 2016The graduation ceremony was held (News & galleries).
Mar 22, 2016Collaborative research outcome was press released (News & galleries).
Mar 21-22, 2016We attended the 117th CSJ meeting (News & galleries).
Mar 13-15, 2016We attended the SECJ 81st annual meeting (News & galleries).
Jan 27-29, 2016We attended Nanotech2016 (News & galleries).
Jan 6, 2016Our research was featured in newspaper (News & galleries).
Nov 5-6, 2015We attended the Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI (News & galleries).
Sep 9-11, 2015We attended the SCEJ 47th autumn meeting (News & galleries).
Sep 7, 2015A paper was published (Publication).
Aug 27-28, 2015We went on a summer trip to Ohta and Tomioka (News & galleries).
Jun 29, 2015We held JPIJS symposium (News & galleries).
Apr 22, 2015A paper was published (Publication).
Apr 1, 2015Three new members joined our laboratory (Members).
Mar 24, 2015We attended the graduation ceremony(News & galleries).
Jan 13, 2015We attended the 2nd Asian Conference on Biomass Science(News & galleries).
Oct 16-18, 2014We attended the Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI (News & galleries).
Sep 17-19, 2014We attended the SCEJ 46th autumn meeting (News & galleries).
Sep 3-4, 2014We went on a summer trip to Joetsu (News & galleries).
Aug 6, 2014We held a party after an intermediate presentation (News & galleries).
May 30, 2014Laboratory website was established.

  • ○Takumi Onuma, Takuya Matsumoto, Haruhisa Ohta, Toru Takatsuka, Iori Shimada, The 24th JPIJS Poster Session, P53, May 28, 2019, Tokyo, JAPAN. (Japanese)
  • ○Iori Shimada, Takuya Tomioka, Toru Takatsuka, "Effect of hydrogen transfer reaction on deoxygenation of lipids in catalytic cracking process", The 62nd Annual Meeting of the JPI, B06, May 29, 2019, Tokyo, JAPAN. (Japanese)